It is very common to find dirty environments, with a large load of dust, and when it comes to cleaning facades the subject is even more sought after and more serious. Because it is a height, cleaning of this type, especially when we talk about cleaning after construction work, is very popular because the hygiene teams work with the correct regulations.

If you do not know, you need regular documentation, as well as documentation of the material that will be used for the professional to act. And of course, it is necessary that this professional is prepared to carry out this work. If, when hiring a cleaning service of this type, the customer does not have a contract with everything exemplified and all the necessary documents; in case of any incident the process can be regrettable.

So, it is always good to stay calm and always research what are the best options to enjoy quality work.

Spider Facilities is one of the most specialized companies for facade cleaning services in Vadodara in the market when it comes to safety and quality in what it does. If you want to be in compliance with the best service performance, be sure to check the types of cleaning available.

Importance of Glass and Facade Cleaning

If you are looking for a cleaning company that can quickly and effectively clean continuous glass and its glass surfaces, you are on the right page. Spider Facilities is a company capable of cleaning glass windows and washing windows professionally and at reasonable prices.

Facade Cleaning is done on all types of glazed surfaces: cleaning external glass, cleaning large windows, and continuous washing of glass facades.

Glass is a very resistant material, which in general, even if stained with stains, can be cleaned very easily, and without dirt leaving permanent traces.

Many types of glass, continuously exposed to contact with water, develop a layer of silica that makes the transparency opaque: the calcium and sodium ions found on the glass surface are replaced by hydrogen ions and this causes the glass or transparent surfaces to quickly deteriorate. In such conditions, the glass can no longer be recovered: it can only be replaced.

There is a second danger that can affect glass surfaces, especially continuous glass facades: we are talking about infiltration. In fact, prolonged exposure to rainwater, rich in limestone and made ‘acidic’, can damage joints and silicone, causing infiltration in the facade support structures.

The best way to avoid these types of damage, however, is to resort to a complete and periodic facade cleaning. In fact, remember that it is enough to intervene in time by entrusting a cleaning cycle to the professionals of Spider Facilities, thus saving thousands of reais from replacing the glass or repairing a building facade.

Facade Cleaning at Building & Large Surfaces

Cleaning the facade of an entire building is a job that is part of the so-called extraordinary cleaning, or an intervention that must be carried out only on certain occasions.

This does not mean that it is an operation that must be carried out in an irregular or hasty manner, precisely because it is rarely performed because it is cleaning at height, the cleaning of the building walls must be completed perfectly.

Cleaning facades made of large glass surfaces is no joke, but there are professionals who specialize in this at Spider Facilities.

The first thing to do when you need to clean the walls of glass buildings is to call an industry specialist, otherwise the risk is that the professional will be badly hurt without the necessary equipment. Cleaning the glass itself is a challenging job that, if misplaced, can end up leaving the facades dirty and streaked.

The cleaning of the glass walls requires the use of less aggressive products and, possibly, avoid the use of simple water, because when it is deposited on the glass it creates a layer of silica, which opacifies them as previously mentioned.

That is why true professionals in facade cleaning use ideal products for their realization. At Spider Facilities, you have all these services with great quality and excellence. The professionals, in addition to having a lot of security, are specialized in what they do and have the required documentation.

Always make sure that all tools provided to operators are fully functional and in order. The smallest mistake can be expensive, so investing in a quality company in its services is the ideal plan.

The means used to get personnel to perform Cleaning at Height are usually cranes or aerial platforms capable of allowing the operator to work safely.

In the case of skyscrapers or very tall buildings, it is also possible to perform cleaning operations on ropes, carried out by extremely qualified people, with excellent knowledge of mountaineering techniques. Continuous cleaning of the facade is a problem for many.

If you are also looking for a company that can effectively clean this type of surface, contact us at Spider Facilities and make your budget.