Whether you own an office building or shopping unit or warehouse, you are aware of the importance of cleanliness inside the premises. But, what about the exterior of the building?

The building’s facade is the first thing that the visitors will see; therefore, it is essential to get the facade clean. To find out everything about facade cleaning and why it is crucial, keep reading our 101 guides.

What is Facade Cleaning?

The facade refers to the front side of the building where your facility’s entrance will be located. Therefore, to put it merely, facade cleaning is the process of cleaning the exterior of the building and making it grime, stain and dirt-free.

Facades of the building can be dirty for various reasons. For instance, if there is a storm or weather, they take a toll and make the facade dirty and impact the building’s overall ambiance.

How you get a facade clean entirely depends on the material it is made from. The solutions and equipment used also depend on the type of material to ensure there is no damage during the process. Also, the location of the building helps to decide how the facade needs to be cleaned.

Types of Facades

1. Steel Facade:

You will come across many buildings that are built with light steel infill walls. They are used instead of mundane blockwork inner leaf structure in both concrete and steel-framed buildings. They facilitate incorporating a range of facade systems to the infill walls and are pretty easy to install. They are strong enough to resist the wind pressure and support the weight covering it.

2. Aluminium composite panel facade:

ACP refers to flat panels that consist of a thermoplastic core fixed between aluminium sheets. ACP is widely used for building facades mainly because they are lightweight, strong, and durable. You can even design ACP in a variety of non-metallic and metallic imitation patterns. When it comes to the finishing touch, they offer an excellent finish and impart an ultra-modern look.

3. Glass Facade:

Glass is usually combined with steel to build a facade for various multi-story buildings nowadays. Steel structure not only supports the glass panels but makes it look elegant and stylish.

4. Precast concrete facade:

Precast concrete panels are best when you have tight construction schedules as they can be set up pretty quick. The manufacturing process of it is straightforward and is durable.

5. Brick facade:

The brick facade is best for an antique look, and a slight alteration can make it more beautiful. The entire structure is lightweight, and the installation process is straightforward. You can shape the bricks in vertical, ribbon-like or any shape. Bricks offer resistance to weather changes and are excellent material for thermal protection.

Why is Facade Cleaning Important?

To simply put forwarding building facade cleaning is essential to make sure that your building is clean, attractive, and aesthetically pleasing. When someone comes to visit you a clean facade looks more welcoming and hospitable. Therefore, if you want to please your visitors, you need to make sure that your building’s facade is tiptop and clean from all the dirt.

Why Hire a Facade Cleaning Professional?

Facade cleaning can be a tedious and boring task; therefore, you need to consider a professional facade cleaning service.

1. Quality service:

Professionals know how to do facade glass cleaning or any other facade cleaning for that matter. In addition to that, they know what they are doing, and with the cutting-edge technology, they can ease the whole process.

2. Reliability:

Facade cleaning depends on the type of material that your facade is made of; therefore, you must hire a professional. The experts will ensure that they are using the best material and not damage your building’s facade.

3. Experience:

Well, to be honest, facade cleaning companies have been in this business for many years, and they have a better understanding of the cleaning needs. Therefore, they have handled many projects to make sure that they are delivering the best to you.

Wrapping it up!

Facades of buildings, towers, and stores should be cleaned regularly because appearance impacts your first impression. However, cleaning facades is not everyone’s cup of tea because of the complexities. With professional help, you can ease up the process. Contact us for professional facade cleaning services at reasonable prices.