Regularly maintaining and cleaning your storage tanks is essential to make sure that your work is not affected. Industries store chemical liquids, water, and gases in industrial storage tanks to use later in the process.

This article outlines everything you need to know about storage tanks and why you need to clean them.

Dive in to know everything about industrial storage tanks!

Why are Storage Tanks Important in Industries?

1. Chemical storage tanks:

Chemical storage tanks are made to avoid any reaction while the chemicals are stored in them for a longer time. These chemicals are perfect for storing propane, methanol, sodium hydroxide, fertilizers, liquid natural gas, crude oil, and other chemicals. They are also used for mixing, processing, static storage, etc.

2. Oil storage tanks:

Oil storage tanks for industries are made with an array of materials like stainless steel, reinforced, carbon steel, and reinforced concrete. They are used as reservoirs to temporarily store the oil during the processing phase before it is ready for consumption.

3. Water storage tanks:

Industries need water tanks to store water for different purposes. They hold water for industrial requirements, and sometimes they use the tank to store kerosene, gasoline, diesel, waste oil, etc.

4. Gas storage tanks:

Gas storage tanks are built to store gases in a compressed way so that they don’t escape the tank and stay in there for a more extended period. The gaseous form of materials are stored in such tanks, and ambient temperature is required so that gases could be supplied in the form of liquid to accumulate in these tanks.

5. Fuel storage tanks:

Fuel storage tanks are also known as petroleum tanks in the industry world. There are two types of fuel storage tanks: above-ground storage tanks and underground storage tanks. These tanks can store elements in a versatile nature.

6. Plastic storage tanks:

Tanks for plastic storage are not bulky and can be installed anywhere, and are highly durable. These tanks are used for transportation applications and are a great help in fertilization and irrigation systems. Sometimes they are also used to store oil and gases in some industries. 

When should you clean your storage tank?

Storage tanks need to be cleaned regularly or definite signs that they need to be cleaned. Below we are mentioning when you should clean your storage tank.

  • Storage tanks should be cleaned every five years.
  • If you notice any changes in the quality, like taste or odor issues, you need to do a raincheck.
  • If you need to repair or do any modification to the tank.
  • If you observe any sediment or bacterial growth inside the tank.
  • You have to clean your water tank if you observe coliform bacteria.
  • If you are planning to change products between tanks.

Why is it necessary to clean the industrial storage tanks?

1. To avoid internal moisture build-up

It is imperative to remove the internal moisture from the tank; otherwise, they can corrode the tank from the inside. Sometimes moisture can react with the stored materials and badly affect the content and cause various problems.

2. To remove the Sludge:

Anything solid that enters the tank eventually breaks down and settles down on the bottom, and piles up. If not cleaned regularly, the piled up sludge can impact the quality of the material stored in the tank and could clog the pipes. Sometimes the sludge can also block the filters and pass the material, making the whole operation a mess.

3. To avoid microbial contamination:

Microbes grow in moisture that is present in the tank. Bacteria thrive in such conditions and cause contamination and blocking of the filters.

Wrapping it Up!

Over time, all the tanks build-up debris, contaminants, vapors. Regular cleaning can ensure that all the business handled with storage tanks is adequately maintained. Remember to ensure that you hire fully qualified and trained experts to clean the tanks as it poses a high risk.

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