Commercial properties generally have clean, well-maintained facades. The reason is simple: the first impression is what counts. And, if you have a business, this first impression can be the difference between losing a potential customer and closing excellent deals with him.

However, this is not the only reason why facade cleaning is so important. This service brings a series of benefits and avoids countless problems, whether in commercial or residential properties.

The facade doesn't stay new forever

Civil establishment has evolved a lot in the last decades. Consequently, it is becoming more and more economical, while using more resistant and versatile materials. Despite this, miracles do not exist: no building remains new forever. Rain, pollution, salt air and wind are some of the elements that contribute to the progressive external deterioration.

It turns out that the faulty appearance of the facade is not the only consequence of this: it can cause the property to lose value or, depending on the general state of the construction, even have structural problems. Prevention is better than cure!

Facade Cleaning Enhances the Building

If you could choose between a cheap property in a totally badly maintained building and a more expensive one in a better maintained building, which one would you choose? Most people would probably choose the second.

This explains why the state of conservation of the exterior part of the building – mainly the facade – has a direct effect on the valuation of its units: practically everyone prefers to invest in a better preserved property. In addition to the aesthetic issues, this shows that the construction is less likely to present problems.

So, if you are the owner of such a building, keep an eye on conservation! Hire a facade cleaning service periodically to keep your assets valued.

When a facade is well maintained, it does not generate unexpected expenses

Let’s say that you are the owner of an apartment or commercial room in a building lined with tiles and that, one day, they start to come off the structure and fall. First, if a lozenge falls off a high floor and hits a person, it can cause serious injury. This damage, in turn, may lead to a lawsuit. In addition, the aesthetics of the property is seriously impaired.

In other words: in one way or another, residents will have to invest in emergency maintenance to resolve the issue, which will not come cheap. Believe it or not: hiring a facade cleaning company to periodically clean the surface prevents this type of problem. This is because the elements present in the air can damage the coating, causing problems like the one described here.

The cleaning of the facade protects properties on the beach from the effects of the salt air

Salt air is an old acquaintance of homeowners in seaside towns. When salt from seawater goes into the air, it can seep through the walls of a property, causing structural damage that may compel you to undertake an extensive property makeover.

It turns out that this is perfectly preventable: in addition to preferring materials that do not interact with sea salt substances, just clean the facade periodically and use the opportunity to touch up the painting. In this way, you protect the structure of the property from the effects of the salt air and keep it looking better for longer.

A well-maintained facade reduces the risk of infiltration

Anyone looking for a commercial space to rent in any rainy city is likely to be very concerned about infiltration. There are those who prefer properties on lower floors just to avoid suffering from it.

It is not for nothing: the infiltration can cause the plaster to peel, the paint to come off the walls and even cause the appearance of mold. To avoid suffering, when looking for a property, pay attention to the state of conservation of the facade: if it is bad, the chances that the problem will arise are higher.

Fortunately, all of this disorder is preventable. When you hire a company to clean the surface, you can include in the service the application of a waterproofing product, which reduces the possibility of infiltration spots.

It turns out that it doesn’t last forever and has to be touched up according to the manufacturer’s observations. In other words: maintenance must be constant to avoid any setbacks caused by the infiltration!

A clean facade requires less maintenance

When the exterior of a building does not have specialized care periodically, be sure that problems will accumulate. Consequently, when you finally have them, the service will be extensive, laborious and, consequently, expensive.

Hiring a company that specializes in facade cleaning services in Vadodara periodically prevents this from happening for buildings. If you keep the property in good condition over time, which avoids setbacks of this type and the need for emergency maintenance.

Specialized companies use the appropriate substances for each material

Paint, tiles, tiles … There are a number of materials that can be used to coat buildings. Each of them has its benefits and disadvantages, even when cleaning. Experts say that cleaning each material requires specific products and brushes to keep them in good condition.

As much as the subject is complex, specialized companies are aware of this and will not do anything that could harm the condition of their coating. Don’t try to do this at home!